Donnerstag, 18. September 2008

Aglio rosso di Nubia near Trapani in Sicily

.... The garlic is one of the most famous Sicilian vegetable and the best known for its healty properties, which are appreciated and widely used both in cooking and in traditional medicine since ancient times.
This vegetable is very rich in protein, vitamin C and potassium. Its healty properties lower the blood pressure naturally and considerably.
It is also a good antiseptic for the respiratory and the digestive system thanks to its typical smell and taste.
Most of these properties are only in raw product, whose taste is very strong. The garlic is widely used in cooking.
In effect, the garlic is one of the most important ingredients of the Sicilian gastronomy, whose fragrances and tastes are generally strong. So that it appears rich of aromatic and delicious dishes.
Garlic can be founded in entire bulbs, in dust or in grains, in cloves and in paste, potted or tubed.
However it is better to buy the entire bulb and use its cloves after taking the pod off. They can be cooked entire, crushed in a mortar or garlic press or minced thinly.
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