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Long Key State Park Florida

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Long Key State Park aus dem Wohnmobil direkt ins Wasser, mit Sicherheit einer der schoensten Campingplaetze, die wir bisher erlebt haben, ein Traum.....
Ulla und Gino unterwegs auf american dreamroads
Prehistoric coral reefs grew here over the course of millennia, when the sea level was over 20 feet deeper. The remnants came to form Long Key, and the rest of the Florida Keys.
The climate and waters provided abundant plant and aquatic life for the Calusa, who settled in the area long before Spanish explorers arrived.
"Cayo Vivora", or Rattlesnake Key, is what the first Spaniards called the island, since to them it resembled a snake with its jaws open.
By the early twentieth century, Long Key became an important depot for the completed Key West Extension of the Florida East Coast Railroad. The railroad's founder, Henry Flagler, also established the Long Key Fishing Camp, a resort that attracted the greatest saltwater fishermen from around the world. But it did not last for long, when in 1935, the Labor Day hurricane devastated the Club, the railroad, and much of the Keys.
The land that came to comprise the park was acquired between 1961 and 1973, with the official opening in 1969.

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